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3 Levels of Membership Comparison Chart offers three secure levels of membership as compared in the chart below. The first level is Sample Trial Membership (Free), you can view all 235 forms with a red stamped "Sample Gold Membership Form" written across the page. First time visitors may download some of the forms for FREE personal use.

Next level up is Standard Gold Membership, which gives members access to exclusive areas of the Web site and allows downloading of more than 235, knowledge-based forms, checklists, and model letters.  The top level of Membership is Deluxe Gold Membership, which includes all of the great benefits of Standard Gold, AND permits you to use your computer's keyboard to fill in hundreds of knowledge-based forms, checklists, and model letters quickly and accurately

 Member Benefit

Free Sample

Standard Gold Membership

Deluxe Gold Membership

FREE sign-up. No upfront fees

Use your computer's Internet browser to open and download over 200 forms (PDF)

Some Free Forms

Print as many original documents as you want for FREE

Some Free Forms

Forms developed by landlord Attorneys, seasoned landlords, managers, and top notch programmers

Some Free Forms

Notified of new and updated forms

Access to library of HUNDREDS of knowledge-based forms, checklists, and model Letters

Some Free Forms

Ability to view, print, and save over 200  knowledge-based forms, checklists , and model letters  on your computer


Use your computer's keyboard or voice data entry device to FILL IN DATA QUICKLY FILLABLE FORMS!



Fill in forms in half of the time compared to static forms



Editable data: make as many changes as you want to forms, checklists, agreements, disclosures, etc.



Receive bonus valued over $65.00 for becoming a Gold Member, including's Smart Fillable Form Kit and five e-booklets absolutely free


Access to future exclusive sections of's Web site


100% satisfaction guarantee



If you

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